Using Google Maps for Collecting Trips

I saw that Ted MacRae had used a Google Map to show where he was going for his weekend collecting trip. Whilst I’ve used Google Maps to work on collaborative maps, this was the first time I had seen one used like this. When next blogging about a collecting trip or an LNHS walk I’ll probably make one. For now (as a test) here is a map with sites I intend to visit this year.

View Sites to visit 2010 in a larger map

I noticed that when putting the map into this post that sometimes the map HTML was made dysfunctional and I had to paste it in again.

There is a nice guide for adding Google Maps to a post on the WordPress Support Site.

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  1. Bug Girl says:

    Hi! I wanted to invite you to participate in the bug blogger census!

    If you could share amongst the insect bloggers you know on your side of the pond, it would be much appreciated :)

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